Would You Eat Diet Avocados?


If you love avocados but not all that healthy fat that comes with them, you’ll be pleased to know that a diet avocado now exists. The so-called Avocado Light is made by Eurobanan’s Isla Bonita brand and it just as Instagram-worthy, but with 30% less fat.

But the real question is how does this diet avocado taste? It’s been described as having a “mild” flavor and “juicier pulp” and the creators say it ripens faster and oxidizes more slowly. So it won’t turn that yucky shade of gray as fast and could last longer than a conventional avocado.

Spanish heart-health advocates have tested it and confirm the nutritional claims that it has about a third less fat. But don’t go looking for these in the produce section at Trader Joe’s, sadly Eurobanan is only planning to sell them in Spain for now. So we’ll have to wait on the frankenfruit and keep eating all that delicious fat in a regular avocado.

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