Bullies Mock Her Appearance So 25 Years Later She Gets Revenge Being Famous

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Lizzie Velásquez was in kindergarten when she was introduced to bullying. It was the first time she realized she was different.

Lizzie was born in 1989, the eldest of three children. She was born four weeks premature in Austin and weighed only 2 lbs., 11 oz.

Her condition is described as a “very rare, previously undiagnosed and non-terminal genetic disorder.” While her bones and organs are healthy, Lizzie is medically unable to gain weight, blind in her right eye and vision-impaired in her left eye.

Lizzie grew up no stranger to taunting and ridicule, but when she was 17 years old, one video posted to YouTube changed everything.

One day while using the internet in 2006, Lizzie clicked on what she refers to as the “bad” video. The viral clip showed her face and dubbed her the “World’s Ugliest Woman.”

As the views racked up online, so did the horrific comments Lizzie received on a daily basis.

“We can’t compare/contrast with each other because each of our experiences with bullying is different,” she wrote on Daily Beast. “But the pain felt? It’s the same. And it never fully leaves.”

But then Lizzie remembered her deep-rooted desire and need to be a person of service in one way or another. 

The cruel bullies who posted the “bad” video may have wanted to bring Lizzie down. But in an unexpected turn of events, it was Lizzie who ended up coming out on top.

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Video Credit: The 700 Club / Facebook


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