Survivalist Donates Hundreds Of Pounds Of Food To Hurricane Relief

Joseph Badame's is a survivalist whose going to end up doing a lot of good for a lot of people in Puerto Rico. The New Jersey man and his late wife had collected food over the last 45 years in case of a national emergency. Over the years, he ended up with a stockpile of more than 300 pounds of food.

When 74-year-old Badame's house was being sold, he was afraid the food was going to be tossed. Fortunately, Victoria Barber ended up at his house. The Puerto Rican woman and her husband Anthony had started a fund out of their food truck for donations to help her of Arecibo hometown and discovered Badame's massive stash. 

Each of the 70 barrels can feed 84 people for four months, which means Badame's haul will hold more than 58-hundred people over for a while. The first shipment arrived this weekend courtesy of a private plane volunteered to them, so they just need to pay the truck drivers $175 a barrel. You can chip in to help get the food to Arecibo HERE. 


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