New Oreo Flavors And One Is Spicy

We never have to wait too long for Oreos to come out with a new flavor and this time we’re getting two newbies. Get ready for these new varieties of the beloved sandwich cookie.

If you liked the Cinnamon Roll Oreos, you might like their new take on the spice: Hot and Spicy Oreos. The creme filling is bright red and “cinnamon candy” flavored, sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. So just how spicy are they? There could be a real kick to these, but we’ll have to taste them to find out.

Oreo is also coming out with a new Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, for all you Nutella lovers out there. It’s actually surprising this one hasn’t been made before, considering how popular the spread is. This one has vanilla cookies sandwiching the chocolatey-hazelnutty creme filling and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into these.

Now we just have to wait for the tasty treats to hit store shelves. And get them while they’re here, because those limited-edition flavors don’t stick around for long.

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