Kevin Hart Apologizes To His Wife And Kids

Kevin Hart is in a world of trouble over a video that makes it look like he was cheating on his pregnant wife. It shows him and a woman engaging in “sexually suggestive” behavior. While the almost five-minute tape isn’t a sex tape, it looks like a prelude to sex. You can hear audio from several radio interviews Kevin has done. You hear him saying that he was young and unfaithful in his first marriage, but now that he’s 36 he’s learned to handle things differently – especially since it’s so easy to get caught. 

Even though it’s not clear that it’s the comedian in the heaviest part of the tape, he tried to be proactive by apologizing to Eniko Parrish and his kids on The ‘Gram. He said he made some mistakes that he deeply regrets. 

The main reason Kevin tried to get in front of it was because the person who made the tape made a multi-million dollar extortion demand. Not only does the person freely admit that she did it to get paid, they also wanted to expose him for allegedly using his Texas Hurricane Relief Fund to distract people from the fact that he’s a “liar and cheater.” Sources connected to Kevin insist that his charity efforts had nothing to do with the extortion attempt. 

The FBI is on the case and they have a suspect. At this point, it’s not clear if that person is the woman in the video with Kevin or if it’s someone who either secretly recorded the encounter or gained access to the iPhone that captured it.

Some foul language in the following video



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