Texas Couple Will Gave $5K To Their Guest To Help Rebuild

Houston natives Shellie Schoellkopf and Robert Callaway were all set for their upcoming wedding on October 7. And then Hurricane Harvey happened. When the bride and groom looked over their guest list, they realized almost everyone was affected by the flooding, so they decided to change their plans to help their loved ones.

Instead of the reception for 150 they were planning, the couple has decided to give the money directly to family members and friends who lost their homes in the storm. They’re donating the $5,000 they would’ve spent on the party to three different people to help them rebuild.

“We recognize it’s not this grand amount that some other couples spend on their wedding, but it’s still more than we’d be able to give if we hadn’t done it,” Schoellkopf says. “Our guests have been really supportive of our decision.”


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