Six-Game Suspension Of Elliott Upheld, But RB OK For Week 1

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings

Great news Cowboys fans: turns out you won’t have to worry about not having Ezekiel Elliot for NFL Weeks One through Eight.

You have to worry about not having him NFL Weeks Two through Nine.

That because while arbitrator Harold Henderson upheld the six-game suspension, he handed down his decision after the Tuesday 3 pm Dallas time deadline allowing Elliott to play in Week 1 no matter what the outcome.

"We are extremely disappointed with Mr. Henderson's inability to navigate through league politics, and follow the evidence and, most importantly, his conscience," Elliott's attorneys said.

The statement also contends that Elliott is the "victim of a conspiracy orchestrated by the National Football League and its officers to keep exonerating evidence from the decision-makers, including the advisors and Roger Goodell."

He was away from the team last week but took part in meetings and a walk-through last Saturday. The Cowboys have been going through their training camp with the idea of getting Elliott ready for Week One.


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