CNN Reporter Blasted By Rescued Woman On Air

This video has adult language 

While many members of the media have become part of the story while covering the devastation of Hurricane Harvey by helping rescuers, one CNN correspondent found out the hard way that putting a microphone into the face of someone suffering might not be the best idea on live television.

During a live shot yesterday, Rosa Flores attempted to speak to “Danielle,” a woman who explained that she suffered for more than 36 hours while waiting for help. The mother answered the first question – but became increasingly agitated when the reporter pressed for more details. That’s when “Danielle” had enough.

“People are really breaking down and y’all sitting here with cameras and microphones,” she thundered. “Trying to ask us what the (heck) is wrong with us.” Danielle was even more upset when the reporter didn’t pull the mic away and end the interview – so much that she took her children and stormed off. Anchor Jim Acosta cut away from Flores saying they would go back to the correspondent later because of the “upset family.”

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