Tony Romo And Wife Welcome New Baby Into The World

Tony Romo was pretty good back in his NFL playing days when it comes to X’s and O’s but it turns out there’s another pair of letters he’s even more accurate with.

X’s and Y’s.

As in chromosomes that is.

Yeah if you didn’t pay attention in biology class it’s the Y chromosome that makes a boy baby and Romo is now three for three with that connection after the retired QB and his wife, Candice, welcomed their third baby—a third boy – into the world yesterday.

And Romo had a little fun with the announcement yesterday tweeting out a picture of boy number three—Jones McCoy Romo with the caption: "Welcomed our third boy Jones McCoy Romo into the world today! Ten fingers and ten toes. All healthy. Almost have my basketball team built."

Funny he referenced basketball and not NFL, maybe he doesn’t want his little boys taking the bruising their daddy did?

And hey, he already has enough boys for another team Romo is synonymous with—a broadcasting team.

I wonder if they make CBS Sports onesies?

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