This Couple Is Getting Married During The Eclipse

Today is the solar eclipse and while it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for many of us, one couple is making it a day they’ll never forget. Samantha Adams and Cameron Kuhn are tying the knot right when the first solar eclipse enters its totality today.

The high school sweethearts from Kansas City, Missouri are exchanging vows at approximately 1:07pm today as the moon blocks the sun at the Castle Bridge Event Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. The wedding party and their guests will be decked out in solar safety shades while they witness the nuptials and Adams will read a quote from astronomer Carl Sagan.

The bride has always loved astronomy and even sent out space-themed wedding invitations for the total eclipse of the heart wedding. “Space has just always been intriguing and intimidating in all the best ways,” Adams says of her astronomy obsession. And when her fiancé proposed, she asked if they could plan the wedding to coordinate with the eclipse.

Adams is even wearing heels with a design of the galaxy on them for the ceremony and she’ll be changing into more comfy Galaxy Vans sneakers for the reception. And they’re serving cupcakes made to look like the galaxy and the Milky Way and their wedding cake topper even reads “to the moon and back.”

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