Ezekiel Elliott has filed a harassment claim

Looks like Ezekiel Elliott had a busy few days since his six-game suspension this past Friday.

It just wasn’t in the field as much as it was in the courts.

Because not only was it announced that the NFLPA filed an appeal of his six-game suspension, but that Elliott filed another claim of his own.

…against the woman who got him suspended—as Elliott will attempt to get the ban reduced or overturned by calling his ex-girlfriend’s credibility into question.

As I told you before, Elliott was suspended after the NFL announced that its investigation found “credible evidence” that the 22-year-old got physical with ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson roughly a year ago. According to documents obtained by Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram, Thompson told Elliott in text messages that she is going to “ruin (his) life.” Elliott also claims he is certain Thompson told him, “You are a black male athlete. I’m a white girl. They are not going to believe you.”

And while it should be noted that the Columbus (Ohio) City Attorney's Office announced in September that it would not pursue charges against Elliott because of "conflicting and inconsistent information," the NFL’s Personal Conduct policy allows the league penalize a player even without legal charges—which is what they did.

And considering they investigated these charges 13 months before announcing the suspension, I would imagine they league have their ducks in a row.

Meaning that Cowboy’s goose is cooked.

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