Woman Gets What Could Be The Worst Passport Photo Ever

No matter how much makeup you have on, or how great your hair looks, when it’s time to take your passport picture it’s likely going to come out bad. Whether it’s the lighting or the plain background, there’s no telling why nobody takes a good passport photo, but rest assured, yours probably doesn’t look as bad the one Chelsey Ramos had to deal with.

In case you missed it, the 27-year-old Texan’s passport photo has gone viral after boyfriend Reece Lagunas posted it on social media. While the photo she sent in for her passport seems fine enough, for some reason when she got her passport back it was all distorted making her forehead look elongated, kinda like Frankenstein or a Conehead.

While Chelsey’s reaction to the blunder was reported, “Oh my f***ing God … no, they didn’t!,” her boyfriend saw the humor in it, sharing, “I ran in to see what was the matter and just started laughing. Uncontrollable giggling.”

Luckily, Chelsey won’t have to deal with giggling custom agents for the next ten years. After sending the passport back she got a replacement with the original photo she sent in. 

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