Humane Society of North Texas Seized 111 Animals

HSNT seized 111 animals (27 dogs and 84 cats) in collaboration with Keller Animal Control Officers yesterday. Upon arrival, officials found 14 distressed animals in a mini-van that was turned off with no AC. More dogs were found inside the home.

Authorities discovered 84 emaciated cats in heat distress living in the garage with no AC or water. Their litter boxes were filled with feces.

After initial examinations, it was determined that all the animals will require medication for dehydration, malnutrition and other illnesses. The animals have been transferred from Keller Animal Control to HSNT where medical treatments have begun. Once HSNT is awarded full legal custody, the animals can be adopted out into loving homes.

Items that HSNT could use in caring for the animals include: clay non-clumping cat litter, kitten and cat canned food, cat toys, cat hammocks, cat scratch hanging blocks for enrichment, fleece blankets, and stainless steel cat bowls.

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