Dallas PD To 'Likely Suspend' Ezekiel Elliott Case

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

It was just two days ago that the story of Ezekiel Elliott punching a man at a Dallas bar surfaced. And now we can talk about a suspension. The suspension of his case, that is!

Yup turns out that sources close to the Dallas Police Department say they'll most likely suspend Elliott's case because they have been unable to locate the victim and witnesses not cooperating.

And by witnesses, I’m fairly certain we are talking die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans who want Elliott on the field as much as possible next year.

In any case, turns out the victim in Elliott's case gave police an old address and wrong number which is why the DPD has been unable to find him to do an interview.

While this is temporarily good news for Elliott, this does not mean the case will be closed. It also doesn’t mean Elliott won’t potentially face discipline from the NFL.

But something tells me when it comes to this case, witnesses are far less likely to remember what Elliott did this past Sunday as much as what he did every Sunday last season.


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