Maybelline’s Making A Wonder Woman Makeup Line


Wonder Woman fans were thrilled when a new Maybelline makeup collection featuring the beloved superhero. Unfortunately, we now know that as cool as these products are, they’re not coming to the U.S. The Maybelline Wonder Woman launch is only going to be available in Italy. Womp-womp.

So if you’re lucky enough to be heading there, you can get in on the matte liquid lipstick, Colossal Big Shot mascara, and nail polishes inspired by Wonder Woman, complete with all the cool packaging. Those of us stuck stateside will just have to check eBay and keep waiting.

Until then, there are plenty of other Wonder Woman products we can get here in the U.S. There are these Wonder Woman makeup brushes, this cool DC Comics Wonder Woman makeup bag set, this budget-friendly Wonder Woman lip gloss from Walgreens, along with their Wonder Woman Eyeshadow Compact - “An Eye for Justice.”


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