You Can Now Wear A Chest Hair Bathing Suit To The Beach


While some gals spend thousands of dollars to make sure they don’t have a stray hair on their body, clothing website Beloved has found a way to celebrate body hair, and it’s pretty darn hysterical.

The company is now selling a “sexy chest one piece” swimsuit that is imprinted with a realistic hairy torso, and even nipples. “Make the pool boy say "WTF!"' is the slogan for the suit, which features the added tagline, "Yep - they're real!"

While this may seem like just a novelty swimsuit it actually seems to have a larger message, questioning sexist double standards, where it’s perfectly fine for hairy men to be topless on a beach, while women are constantly criticized for their choices in swimwear.

  • Folks interested in going hairy on the beach have three skin tones to choose from, with the bathing suit offered in light, medium and dark tones, at a price of $44.95. Check out the suit here or below.


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