Father, Brothers Of Manchester Bomber Arrested In Libya

The father of the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi [[ah-BED-ee]], is now in custody. Officials say Ramadan Abedi was arrested yesterday in the Libyan capital of Tripoli while giving a live TV interview from his home. One where he feigned any notion that his son could be a bomber.

According to reports, two cars full of masked gunmen drove up to Abedi’s property while he was mid-interview. He was quickly taken away and driven to an “unknown” location. Earlier in the day, authorities arrested Salman's younger brother, Hashem, in Tripoli based on suspected links to ISIS as well. This, after another Abedi sibling, 23-year-old Ismail, was arrested in Manchester on Tuesday.

Nearly two-dozen people were killed in the suicide bombing after an Ariana Grande concert Monday night. Yesterday, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said all of the victims’ families have been contacted by authorities. He also revealed that one of the victims was an on-duty police officer. It will be four or five days before the names of the victims are released.

Hopkins closed the press conference telling Manchester residents that heavily-armed military personnel will be patrolling the streets for the foreseeable future.

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