People Of Manchester Helping Each Other In The Wake Of Tragedy

In moments of great horror – it’s always a relief to see how everyday people come together to help each other…and to simply, be kind to each other. And this is what’s unfolding in Britain as those who attended that Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last night are dealing with the aftermath.

Many concertgoers had used public transportation to get to the show – primarily trains. The Manchester station that’s housed within the Manchester Arena was immediately evacuated and shut down following the blast. Similarly, getting out of the arena became next to impossible. So what did the people of Manchester do? Opened their hearts and their homes to those stranded. In fact, the #RoomForManchester hashtag soon began circulating with people offering help.

The help came in the form of everything from rides home, to a place to stay – and even a simple cup of tea and a hug. As an example:

  • One Twitter user posted their phone number and offered, “"Ring if you need a place to come sit. #RoomForManchester"
  • Another wrote: "My best friend and her flatmates will open their doors to those in need! let them know! #RoomForManchester"
  • Yet another? “#roomformanchester - I have a spare room, tea, and a hug if anyone is stuck getting home tonight,” they noted. “I live in Sale.”

But there’s another group to think about – kids. As it happens, a number of kids and teens attended the show without their folks. In response, Holiday Inn Manchester is taking in those kids. If you know someone in the area that may have someone attending, it’s suggested giving them a ring. Other hotels are also following suit and opening their doors to people looking for their loved ones.

ONE MORE THING! Anyone who knows football - that's what they call soccer in Britain - knows the legendary rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester. There have been growing reports that Manchester cabbies have been giving those in need free rides - and that drivers in Liverpool are following suit. Liverpudlian cabbies have been heading over to Manchester to offer free rides as well.

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