Baylor Hires Linda Livingstone, First Female President

Seems like Baylor University found a way to stop having men fired.

Stop hiring them.

Which is why yesterday the University hired its first female president, Linda Livingstone.

The nation's largest Baptist school can only hope it will signal a shift in culture as Baylor faces several lawsuits stemming from a 2016 investigation finding the school had mishandled sexual assault claims for years and that the football program operated as if above the rules.

The scandal led to football coach Art Briles being fired and former President Ken Starr being demoted before he ultimately resigned.

Livingstone comes to Baylor with a resume from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she’s been a dean and professor of management.

Now, as Baylor faces lawsuits from about a dozen women, as well as criticism from state lawmakers and prominent donors, let see if ‘Professor Livingstone’ can manage to steer Baylor back into a positive light.


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