The Lego Batman - Movie Review

This film is perhaps my favorite animated movie of the year so far, and it is gonna be really hard to top this off. As an adult I walked into this movie thinking it was gonna be only targeted to toddlers and teens, but I was very wrong. The entire time I was laughing and could not get over some of the jokes, a few minutes had past and I was still laughing at at the same scene. The Lego Batman movie was acceptably inappropriate, meaning the jokes were both for parents and children; they did not cross the line however. The kids in that theater absolutely went wild for this movie, I was able to talk to a few of them on the way out of the theater and they told me they liked it better than the original Lego Movie. I could not agree more with them. The plot was insane, it had so much action and of course very comical as I had previously mentioned. I want to mention that this film has a really positive message, the way they portray Batman and his internal struggles is very captivating and deep at the same time. It sounds bizarre that a lego movie would be known for being deep and introspective, but that is exactly what this was. I am not exaggerating, the ending really resonated with me far after the movie was over. I highly recommend it to everyone, of every age group. This movie was a good 9/10, please go watch it! 

Check out the trailer below:

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