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Outlaw Moonshine was kind enough to send The Jagger Mafia some of their award winning 99 proof moonshine.  We tried all three of their flavors—Peach, Apple Pie, and the original.

The original Outlaw Moonshine is clear, smooth and mellow. Medium bodied earthy aromas of soft white meat, nuts and pepper.  Rounded edges of a rich, silky smooth, medium bodied finish with a slight cinnamon taste.

Each flavor is pretty strong to drink straight, especially the original, so we mixed together some cocktails Outlaw recommend.

Moonshine Moonrise:

2 oz. Outlaw Moonshine

3 oz. Orange Juice

Splash Grenadine

Tennessee Apple:

2 oz. Outlaw Apple Pie Moonshine

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

Sex By The Moonlight A.K.A. “Get Loose”

2 oz. Outlaw Peach Moonshine

3 oz. Orange Juice

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

Our personal favorite cocktail was ‘Sex By the Moonlight’ which Jasmine deemed a ‘panty-dropper,’ our kind of drink.

These cocktails are so smooth and tasty, almost sweet as candy; you’ll forget they're even alcoholic.

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