Name: Onyx Moonshine

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Price: $26.99


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Onyx Moonshine is the first legal moonshine to be produced in New England, due to the fact that their home state of Connecticut was one of only two states (the other state being Rhode Island) that didn’t fully pass the GOD AWFUL 18th amendment (meaning folks could still use a prescription to get their hands on the good stuff).


Usually, Moonshine scares me. More often than not, I take the word moonshine to be code for “burns like the dickens” or “leaves your pallet scorched.”  However, Onyx has proven me wrong. If this were a blind taste test, I would have never guessed I was drinking moonshine. It is the smoothest moonshine I've experienced.  The nose on the Onyx has notes of honey, apple and spicy wood undertones.

Onyx claims it “sips like a top shelf whiskey, mixes better than vodka.” I would say there are right. It sips great straight up and tastes great in a Bloody Mary.

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