Eagle Rare Single Barrel 750 ml
$29.49 Everyday Price

Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon is a product of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfurt, Kentucky. The distillery named itself after a path along the Kentucky River that buffalo typically follow. You usually pin buffalo in Oklahoma but there prominent enough it that area of Kentucky.  The area is also known for great soil conditions and limestone water creating a bourbon full of Kentucky.


The bill contains more rye than most bourbon giving a full flavor. It is aged for ten years in a single barrel. This means once bottled each bottle will come from its own barrel with no mixing or blending in between barrels occurring. This allows for each bottle to have a unique flavor but still have a lot of the same qualities. The nose is more fruity than full of vanilla showing signs of apples, pears, and a hint of honey. The barrel aging creates a heavy oak taste but still is sweet with caramel, vanilla, fruit, and chocolate. The finish lingers on with some of the sweetness and also a mild bitterness from the fruit.

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