Straight Triticale Rye Wheat Hybrid Whiskey is a truly one of a kind whiskey. Usually whiskeys focus on wheat or rye but this whiskey brings together a hybrid combination of both. Combining both wheat and rye came from Scotland around the 1
800s. This hybrid grain is difficult to grow in the state of Washington but Dry Fly is committed to keep their sources and products local.


The nose is grainy but not course. The grains dispense flavors of cherry and apple down to the rest of the bottle. The taste is full of spices bringing together both parts of wheat and rye. The rye leaves a peppermint and strong spice feel. The wheat gives it the feel of fresh baked bread with small traces of vanilla. The fruitiness from the grain holds on until the end. Once you’re finished you swore you ate a bowl of cereal.

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