Name: Booker’s

ABV: 60%

Proof: 125.6

Price: $50


Whiskey Wednesday- Guiding you through the world of fine whiskies for your refinement...and also so you can one up your friends at bars and restaurants.


Booker's Bourbon is the only one of its kind to be bottled straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered. It was meant just to be a holiday gift for Booker's close friends however, it was so well received that he choose to sell it to a world wide audience.


The nose on the Bookers is a deep rich oak with notes of vanilla, and smoky charcoal. The taste is, fruit and tobacco (which sounds bad but, really works). The Finish is intense and stays on the palate for quite some time.


BELOW  is my friend Reeder trying it... Note he doesn't really like whiskey that much


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