***I posted this a few weeks ago and was CRUSHED when it turned out to to be a big hoax.

 photo lou_zpsd5e5ce81.jpg


So I rented The Incredible Hulk costume this past weekend, went out to eat and made it a reality

***Chest THUMP Hulk like pasta, get three kinds, eat. Like tablecloth...bring out green in manboobs. RAWR!

 photo 0669c52f-97c8-46ba-954d-0ba006215f76_zpsddc43191.jpg


Hulk LOVE PIE, excited for check, and what come next.


 photo cf6d4b5a-45aa-429e-8a00-df917974e434_zps6ada3ac1.jpg

Hulk round up give little more than 110%

 photo a76335d9-ff7a-4773-b9f6-a52a41739515_zpsc33c2020.jpg

Waitress Happy. Hulk Happy. World good place for kindness. Thanks Pietros in Dallas for sense of humor/confusion/laughing.


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(I had so much fun doing this that I bought the costume and will start doing this EVERY weekend. So if you are in the service industry I tip my big green head in your direction and say thanks for all that you do)

I am paying attention to the comments so if you work at a restaurant and want a visit from The Hulk speak up