His name was Leonard Matlovich. He was a Vietnam War veteran, and recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He was also the first gay service member to purposely out himself to the military to fight their ban on gays AND the first openly gay person to appear on the cover of a U.S. news magazine. There is a book about him called Matlovich: The Good Soldier

Goldfrapp's song Clay is inspired by the extraordinary & passionate love shared between two soldiers in WWII. Alison Goldfrapp told an interviewer with The Idolator:

"I found a letter on a website called Letters Of Note. It’s basically a letter from a soldier to another soldier. They met in [World War II] and became lovers, and tragically one of them dies in battle. So they’re not able to ever resume their love. This letter is written on the anniversary of the other’s death, and it just moved me so much that it inspired the song,” (You can read the full letter HERE.)