Some beauty tips from Dita:

Diet:  "I follow the nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, who has a book called Beauty Detox Foods, and I follow her advice mostly. I eat vegan throughout the day, I always have a green smoothie to start, 70% green and 30% fruit. If I'm going to have any animal protein, I have it at night for dinner. That's how I keep my energy up, keep everything moving, I feel good." ~via

Skin:  She swears by an organic line called Eminence and gets facials at Korean spas. For make up she likes L'oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur and a concealer called Cle De Peau and Nuxe oil for her body. ~via ELLE

Lips: No gloss just matte "velvety rose-petal red lipstick" ~via The Coveteur


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