Last week we made a plea for an ice machine on behalf of a Texas community who were trying to help a veteran visit Alaska one last time. This is his journey


Mr. Don's dream was to one day return to Alaska, see the wildlife and all of its beautiful surroundings. However, he has leukemia and has had to stop his blood transfusions making him unfit for long distance travel. One day while walking the halls of the Courtyards at Riverpark, Assisted Living Coordinator Kelly Hatter, overheard Don telling a fellow resident that he would love to visit Alaska one more time. This sparked an idea inside of Kelly, "Lets bring Alaska to him!". She immediately jumped on the phone with the Dallas Zoo and locked in two VIP guests, Donny and Sidney (the penguins), obtained an ice sculpture of a salmon, rallied the other staffers to paint the famous Northern Lights, build an igloo, purchase a Sarah Palin cutout (Mr. Don loves him some Sarah Palin) and even got the local ice company to make snow. What are the odds that the day Kelly orders snow in Texas for an Alaska themed party the good Lord sends real snow from the skies!!

Mr. Don and family were thoroughly impressed and surprised to see the festivities that the Courtyards Riverpark had planned for them. Mr. Don held and petted a penguin, saw his beautiful German Shepperd, met "Sarah Palin" and even threw snowballs at her and lets not forget the smoked salmon that he requested for lunch!

Mr. Don, this was all for you! Everyone at the Courtyards Riverpark wants you to know just how special you are to us and how special we feel to get to know you! Thank you for letting us celebrate Alaska Day with you!