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Ozzy Osbourne says "somebody up there must like" him. 

The Black Sabbath frontman tells the UK's Daily Mail there's "no reason on Earth" for him to still be alive, and he thinks it's "insane" that he is.  He adds that his recklessness and substance abuse have left him with "so many regrets" that he "can't even remember half of them." 

But the rocker says his biggest regrets are over how he treated his loved ones.  Ozzy admits he was "a bad father" and "an abusive husband" with "an ego the size of India," who "spent decades" being "an absolute idiot."  He adds that simply "saying 'sorry'" is "pointless," and he knows the only way he can come close to atoning is by staying sober. 

Ozzy also says he's committed to his recovery, and attends AA meetings every day to help him maintain his sobriety.  He explains that his wife Sharon gives him support and understanding but "no one else can cure an addict" -- he knows it's all on him.  Osbourne adds that Sharon and his kids motivate him to stay with the program, because he doesn't want to lose them. 

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