Paramore's self-titled new album is on track to top the charts, and it's no wonder - the band believes it's the best album they've ever made. 

Haley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis talked to iHeartRadio about the new record and why it's a great time to be in Paramore.

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"Paramore is stronger than it's ever been," guitarist Taylor York tells iHeartRadio. "It's really exciting because we're still in the process of changing and evolving. There's so much freedom and liberation that's happened in our band -- both relationally and musically. I think we just made the best record we've ever made."

Haley adds that in her opinion, if people haven't heard any Paramore albums, they should start with the new one. "The reason that I think people should listen to this album first if they're not familiar with our band is the same reason that we self-titled the album in the first place," she says. 

"We feel so strongly that this album shows every side to us as people as well as artists, and we're just really proud of it. We want everyone to come party with us and enjoy it with us and grow with us as well. It's more of a journey and more of a story about life than any of our other albums. It's not about being in a band and touring the world and having issues. It's about humans facing regular everyday life, ups and downs, and I think that's something anyone could connect to."

Taylor adds, "We've been wanting to do things like this for a long time and just never felt the freedom to do so.

Paramore is available now.

Check out the video for "Still Into You" below.